Training & Organizer Support


Since 2006, the IAF Northwest has been hosting 6-day Leadership Trainings, currently in rotating cities across 4 countries: USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

This intensive training provides a thorough introduction to the organizing practices and principles developed by Industrial Areas Foundation member organizations in its 79-year history.

The leaders and organizers across the IAF Northwest / Canada / Australia / New Zealand have adapted and enriched the training to show that these organizing “universals” really are applicable across diverse settings and contexts.

The international cross-fertilization fostered within this region through leader and organizer exchanges brings a whole new level of creativity, imagination and inspiration to the application of IAF organizing practices in each unique community.


Organizer Support

The IAF Northwest helps to recruit, identify and support organizers in the 14 different affiliates and start-up alliances in our region. 

Our veteran staff draw on their years of organizing experience when they provide support and training to local organizers, either onsite or at regular Organizer Retreats, conducted three times per year.

Regional Organizers also support more informal exchanges among the international cadre of local organizers and top leaders.

Throughout all of this work is the central goal of equipping local organizations to develop their own pool of relational and strategic local organizers and leaders who have an appetite to take action that brings about meaningful change.