About Us

The IAF Northwest is a regional network of 14 broad-based Alliances in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.  The Alliances, in turn, are made up of a diverse mix of religious, education, health, labor and community organizations united to act effectively to bring about practical solutions to advance the common good.

By training and equipping “ordinary” people to act as public leaders through powerful local Alliances, the organizations have developed a long track record of issue victories around health care access, affordable housing/homelessness, public transit, sustainable jobs, immigrant services, education, prison transitions, addiction recovery and more.

A few of our developments include Wrestling with the Truth of Colonization, a thorough training developed by Indigenous Peoples from around the globe. The purpose of this facilitation is to initiatives to protect and expand Indigenous sovereignty and self-governance. 

Read more about Wrestling with the Truth of Colonization here. 

Another development is our Health Equity Organizing, this initiative works with health clinics, residency programs, and students to use community organizing tools and practices to address the social determinants of health - the conditions in our community where we work, live, and play, that have been demonstrated to influence our health far more than medical care. 

Read more about Health Equity Organizing here. 

Lead Organizer David Barrow from the Sydney Alliance explaining the relationships of the IAF NW.