IAF Northwest is a regional network of 12 broad-based Affiliates in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The Affiliates are broad based member organizations and work with faith-based organizations, education, health, labor and community organizations united to act effectively to bring about practical solutions to advance the common good.


The IAF Northwest provides training and development of citizen leadership skills, promotes cross-cultural understanding and cooperation, and conducts research and public education on issues of concern to residents in areas served by IAF Northwest affiliated organizations.


To Achieve the Common Good.

  • Use our collective power to help inspire hope among our members, to stimulate our imaginations in developing creative solutions to the challenges we face and to motivate us to create and pursue our vision of the world as it should be and could be.

The measure of IAF's success is the extent to which its organizations contribute to human flourishing in communities where human development is often devalued and human dignity trampled. These successes, when they occur, take the form of imaginative responses to seemingly intractable problems, new relationships overcoming racial, religious and socio-economic divisions and immediate, concrete victories that change communities for the better and inspire hope in the future.