Collective action currently being taken within our affiliates includes:

  • Common Good Missoula focusing on zoning policy from the Native perspective including public vs private ownership, community benefit, environmental impacts and affordable housing. They are collaborating on the Neighborway Gardenwalk Project which envisions a car-free route through town with walking/biking lanes, permaculture Indigenous food and plant gardens in the boulevard easements, and potential space for “pop-up” community plaza activities. 
  • Spokane Alliance is partnering with the American Indian Community Center on securing a permanent home, attending joint meetings with city, county and state officials on finding money for land and a new building. 
  • Sound Alliance jointly raised $200k with the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation (UIATF) to fund a UIATF organizer who will engage elders, veterans, and people in child care and recovery programs in identifying larger challenges for collective action.