United Indians of all Tribes

An organization out of Seattle, Washington that has serving Urban Indians since 1970s. 

On March 8, 1970, about 100 members and sympathizers of United Indian People’s Council (later United Indians of All Tribes) confronted the 392nd Military Police Company - who were armed with riot gear - while attempting to claim part of Fort Lawton, a 1,100-acre army post in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. The United Indians, who were armed with sandwiches, sleeping bags, and cooking utensils, wanted to create a cultural center for Indians and Alaska natives - and they did!

United Indians of All Tribes now provides social services and holds the cultural center of the Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities in the greater Seattle area. 

Their Mission is to provide educational, cultural and social services that reconnect Indigenous people in the Puget Sound region to their heritage by strengthening their sense of belonging and significance as Native people. 

Their Vision is to be a social service provider, community center, and cultural home for urban Indians. 

Their website: www.unitedindians.org