Queensland Community Alliance: Together We Win - Historic funding for Community Centres

In June 2022, Queensland Community Alliance had a big community powered win with an historic increase in funding for Neighbourhood Community Centres.  

Queensland Community Alliance has been working towards this initiative since its start in 2020. It involved thousands of people from the Queensland area, and the support from government officials. 

The details of the increased funding include:

  • Community centre base operation funding will be raised to $230,000 per year for each of 127 funded centres – starting in July 2022. A median increase rate of $124,600.
  • $51.8M increase to baseline funding over 4 years. The commitment is now secured into the yearly Queensland budget.
  • Neighbourhood and Community Connect Workers expanded from 12 sites to 20 which may occur with more positions. That’s another $9.3M for the areas of greatest need.
  • $39M for the construction of 6 new neighbourhood and community centres over the next 4 years

This funding increase allows community centres by expanding their capacity in delivering services, building community and forming identity. 

"Well done! And let's keep working together for a better, fairer Queensland." - Queensland Community Alliance