January Regional Training - Missoula

The IAF Northwest's Winter Regional Training hosted by Common Good Missoula will be held January 7th to January 11th of 2024. Read on below for details and registration information: 

Schedule: We will start on Sunday, January 7th at 2pm. The sessions will be all day. The training will conclude on Friday, January 12th at 3pm. 

Location: Clearwater Credit Union Training Center

3600 Brooks St

Missoula, MT 59801


Cost: $450 (not including lodging) for members of the IAF Northwest

$500 (not including lodging) for non member participants

The following are IAF Northwest affiliated organizations: 

Sound Alliance , Spokane Alliance , Metropolitan Alliance for the Common Good (Portland), Common Good Missoula, Greater Victoria Acting Together, Metro Vancouver Alliance, Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, Greater Edmonton Alliance, Queensland Community Alliance, Sydney Alliance, Living Wage Movement Aotearoa New Zealand, Te Ohu Whakawhanaunga, Health Equity Circle

If cost is a barrier please reach out to [email protected].


Please register by December 29th at the latest and arrange for payment by January 1st. 

When you click rsvp below you will be invited to fill out a form including hotel room reservations and other important information. This form is required for registration. 

To send a paper check our mailing address is:

IAF Northwest
5030 1st Ave S Ste 206
Seattle, WA 98134

To pay online: https://www.iafnw.org/donate


Lodging: Hotel accommodations are not included in the cost for the training and are the responsibility of attendees. Room reservations are available in the full registration form that will be sent to you after you rsvp here. If you have any questions about hotel reservations and the cost of lodging you can contact [email protected]


Food and snacks: All food and snacks are covered in the cost of the training.


About Regional Training

This training is organized by Common Good Missoula and the IAF Northwest.

The training is intended for leaders and active members of IAF Affiliate organizations. It is ideal for leaders who have taken on – or hope to take on – a leadership role in your organization or a role in leading action. Leaders of institutions who are actively exploring membership in an IAF affiliate are also welcome to participate.

At this training we will focus in depth on core community organizing topics and skills including:

  • Power – what is it, how we build it, and how we exercise it for the common good
  • How to build strong Broad-Based Organizations
  • Institutional Organizing – how it differs from other forms of organizing and why it’s critical for addressing the challenges our communities face
  • Relational Meetings and House Meetings as the core skills for leaders in community organizing


About the Industrial Areas Foundation

For over 40 years the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) has been holding leadership training sessions for members of broad-based organizations across the US and more recently in Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. These sessions provide a thorough introduction to the organizing practices and principles developed by Industrial Areas Foundation member organizations in its 80-year history.

The leaders and organizers of the Industrial Areas Foundation build organizations whose primary purpose is power – the ability to act – and whose goal is equitable social change. The IAF is non-ideological and strictly non-partisan, but proudly, publicly and persistently political. Through local affiliates, the IAF builds a political base among voluntary institutions that include religious congregations, labor unions, community organizations, and others. IAF leaders use that base to compete at times, to confront at times and to cooperate at times with public decisionmakers.


What attendees say about IAF Regional Training

“I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the training. I gained a lot of insight into and new perspectives on the work we are doing in the Alliance. What really made the training most meaningful, however, were the other leaders I had the chance to meet, both from MACG and other IAF NW organizations. The stories of their struggles and successes are truly inspiring and I was humbled to be in their presence.”

Linda Boise Havurah Shalom, Portland MACG

“I learned how to draw on the strength of my story to break down barriers and establish common ground with people from very different backgrounds. I use this skill in meetings with the union members I represent and find it very rewarding to be able to help others develop as leaders.”

Carolyn Pope United Food & Commercial Workers Local 21, Spokane Alliance


January 07, 2024 at 2:00pm - January 12, 2024
Lisa Davey ·

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