GEA's Update on Reconciliation

Greater Edmonton Alliance for the Common Good(GEA) has been following the Wrestling with the Truth of Colonization framework, which has led them to working toward building relationships with local Indigenous communities and organizations. Through the relationships of member organizations, they were introduced to the Creating Hope Society (CHS), a Indigenous based organization that supports Indigenous children in foster care. 

The lead organizer at GEA and the executive director of CHS built a relationship by facilitating one on one relational meetings to get to know one another, how the values of their organization aligned and how they could create a relationship based on Truth and Reconciliation. 

Creating Hope Society became interested in what GEA offered and are working together on different projects.

By localized Indigenous values, the two organizations hosted a sharing circle for interested member organizations to learn more on how they will go forward together.

Recently, the organization asked if GEA could become a partner in a Truth and Reconciliation Day event called "Calling Our Spirit Back". An event that honours the lost Children and Survivors of residential schools and their families. This event is being offered to anyone in the Greater Edmonton Area to attend.