Connecting Affiliates

IAF Northwest aims to disseminate winning practices and success stories between the organizers and civic leaders in our alliances.   We work to help organizers and leaders learn from each other in what has proven successful in both addressing issue problems and ways to engage more people through organizing strategies. 

Venues for information sharing include Organizer Retreats, ad-hoc conference calls, and Regional Leader Gatherings in which top civic leaders are invited to meet and learn from their counterparts in other regions.

Examples of ways staff seek to connect affiliates working on similar issues areas and organizing challenges.  

  • Set up a conference call between organizers and leaders in two different regions who are both working on health care issues so that they can share best practices.

  • Leading a reflection group at an Organizer Retreat about how to apply organizing practices to a particular faith denomination or union culture.

  • Coordinate a regional skill-building training for top leaders and organizers in a particular topic such as fundraising.